Notes and Forms

Through the St Matthew's school website, you are able to access a range of forms and publications.

These forms and publications relate to many areas of school life from excursion notes to late forms. You are able to access these, complete them and then return them to school for processing.

If you require any further information or a copy of a note that does not appear on this page please contact the school office.

  Medication Request Form

To be completed by parents where the school is to administer prescribed medication to your child.

  Student Absence Form

To be completed by parents where your child will be absent from school for more than 10 days (excluding sickness).

  Canteen Tuckshop 2U

Tuckshop 2U is an easy-to-use school lunch ordering service that delivers healthy, affordable and convenient lunches directly to schools. Our mission is to prepare and deliver fresh and nutritious lunches that your child will look forward to eating!

  St Matthews Uniform Order Form

Order form for school uniform items held at the school.

  Uniform Order App for mobile phones

Instructions for the St Matthew's Uniform App for your mobile phone.

  Uniform Price List

Oz Uniform's price list for St Matthew's Windsor.

  Good Samaritan Committee

The Good Samaritan Committee shall: actively promote the mission, interests and public image of St Matthews (the school) in particular and Catholic Education generally by bringing together parents, pupils, and school staff in a spirit of collaboration and close co-operation.