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Vision & Mission

Values Statement

As a community, we at St Matthew’s Catholic Primary School have identified core values that speak of our collective essence and belief. These values are reflected in the following ways:

  • We support each other in our common journey in faith by acknowledging the need to share our stories, celebrating our experience and articulating our hopes and dreams.
  • We cultivate an authentic sense of belonging through rejoicing in our similarities, discovering the richness in our differences and extending a spirit of welcome to all.
  • We believe that our practices, policies and attitudes should enhance the dignity of each person.
  • We acknowledge the excellence being achieved in the present, while identifying and striving for personal and communal goals.

Mission Statement

At St Matthew’s we are committed to:

  • Educating children – socially, spiritually, academically, emotionally & physically
  • Being actively involved in the mission of the Catholic Church through the daily expression of our faith    
  • Promoting a climate of excellence in learning

We Celebrate:

  • Our journey in faith
  • The uniqueness and achievements of the individual
  • The richness of our history
  • An authentic sense of belonging.

We value:

  • Respect for the dignity of each person
  • Shared leadership
  • Home-school partnership


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