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Readers are winners

Congratulations to our winners and all who entered the 2021/22 Executive Director's Summer Reading Challenge (EDSRC), it has been an incredible competition this year with a large number of entries.

Back in the swim

As COVID-19 restrictions ease, local students and their families are being welcomed back to swimming carnivals. After feeling a little like ‘fish out of water’ in 2020, students were keen to dive back into competitive swimming at the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta Hills Zone Swimming Carnival held at Mount Druitt Swimming Centre. Read more...

Readers are winners!

This year 661 students from Catholic schools across Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains stepped up to take the Executive Director’s Summer Reading Challenge! In total, 4185 books were read as part of the competition: over 1000 more books than last year! Today the winners were announced. Read more...

100 days of schooling like no other

As parents dropped their little ones off at ‘big school’ for the first time earlier this year after much excitement and anticipation, with their shiny shoes, oversized uniforms and the promise of learning and new friendships, no one could have predicted what was to come in those first 100 days of school. Read more...

Top St Matthew's Kindergarten teacher gets recognition

St Matthew’s Primary Windsor Kindergarten teacher Alicia Madden was thrilled when she saw her name in print recently, thanks to student Elora and her family nominating her as a Daily Telegraph Top Teacher. These special awards focus on the care and service shown by teachers during COVID-19 pandemic. Read more...