Our Heritage

Established in 1832, St Matthew's Primary is the oldest existing Catholic school in Australia.

In 1835, when Mr and Mrs Cassidy began teaching the Catholic children of Windsor, it probably never occurred to them that they were beginning a great tradition of Catholic education in the historic Hawkesbury region.

A record can be found of a Catholic School in Windsor in the Australian Catholic Directory, 1841, which states:

At Windsor there are from 90 to 100 children in daily attendance; the school is conducted on the Irish system by Mr J Cassidy & Mrs Cassidy.

The Catholic tradition was carried on by various other laity, notably William Langton from 1863-82. Mr Langton distinguished himself as an earnest educator, and school inspectors commented very favourably about him.

The Good Samaritan Sisters continued the fine work of the laity, bringing to the school their own unique spirit. The Sisters had a continuous association with St Matthew's from 1882 until 1990.

The history of St Matthew's Primary is also the human story of a wonderful parish, the region, of pupils past and present and the dedication of those who served the school, often against adversity.

St Matthew's has developed into a school delivering the highest quality 21st century learning and teaching.

Our school has earned the right to claim:

Third Century, still going strong.

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Parish History

The history of St Matthew's Primary is also the human story of a wonderful parish.

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