The learning spaces at St Matthew's are designed to enhance the learning opportunities of our students.

From the latest technology to flexible seating options and adaptable class sizes, students will learn how to work both independently and as part of a small or large group depending on the task at hand.

Student on iPad at St Mathew's Catholic Primary Windsor

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Principal with students at St Mathew's Catholic Primary Windsor
Boy reading at St Mathew's Catholic Primary Windsor
Music lesson at St Mathew's Catholic Primary Windsor
Boy with programmed bots at St Mathew's Catholic Primary Windsor
St Mathew's Catholic Primary Windsor Reading Area
Boys learning in the St Mathew's Catholic Primary Windsor library

Our students learn in spaces that are designed to meet their learning needs at every stage - from the large, open Kindergarten space with wet area, play centres and book corners, to our Stage 3 space with campfire seating and write-on desks.

Our learning spaces focus on developing the foundations of lifelong enquiry and love of learning. Students learn to work together and independently utilising equipment and technology that matches the task, fosters their creativity and encourages critical thinking and problem solving.

Specialised Areas

St Mathew's Catholic Primary Windsor School Library
School Library

Our refurbished library is a favourite for all students who use it for reading, games, craft activities. Every class visits at least weekly to borrow books and develop their love of reading.

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Out of Hours Care at St Mathews Primary Windsor
Out of Hours Care

Ambrose Early Years Learning and School Aged Care provides before and after school care for students in Years K-6 in a well resourced space located on the school grounds. Specialist staff take great care of the students in a safe and secure environment that encourages positive social interaction.

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Outdoor areas

Students at St Matthew's also enjoy making the most of the school’s outdoor areas. These include sports courts and fields, playground equipment and shaded, undercover areas.

Chess club at St Matthew's Catholic Primary Windsor
St Matthew's Catholic Primary Windsor
St Matthew's Catholic Primary Windsor undercover basketball court
St Matthew's Catholic Primary Windsor outdoor assembly
St Matthew's Catholic Primary Windsor playing field
St Matthew's Catholic Primary Windsor playground equipment
St Matthew's Catholic Primary Windsor handball courts
Basketball/Netball Court

A large basketball/netball court is one of a number of areas available for students to engage in physical activity and, being undercover, it can be used all year round.

Playing Field

We strive to offer our children a range of activities and sporting opportunities that help to develop the whole person and have a number of open outdoor areas and sports courts available.

Handball Courts

Our handball playground allows students to participate in physical activity in a fun and safe way. Undercover and with a safefall surface, this space can be used at any time of year.

Primary Playground

Our playground has been fully refurbished with artificial turf to provide more running and active play options for the students. There is also climbing equipment and a range of active and passive play spaces for the students to enjoy.

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