At St Matthew's we foster in students a strong sense of community and pride.

This is why we require all students to wear their full uniform, especially when representing the school at sport or for any other purpose. All School Uniform items (except shoes) are by order through the school office. Refer to our Notes and Forms page for order forms and pricelist.

We ask parents to ensure that they are familiar with our school uniform and grooming guidelines below.

Uniform Overview

Girls Uniform

Check Dress, Blue Socks, Black Leather polishable Shoes

Check Tunic, Yellow Blouse, Maroon Ribbon tie, School Jacket, Blue Tights, Black Leather polishable Shoes


Boys Uniform

Grey Shorts, Short Sleeve Blue Shirt, Grey Socks, Black Leather polishable Shoes

Grey School Pants, Long Sleeve Blue Shirt, School Jacket, Grey Socks, Black Leather polishable Shoes


Sports Uniform (girls & boys)

School Sports Shorts, School Sports Shirt, Sports Shoes, School design Tracksuit



We ask that children are assisted in the appropriate grooming of their hair. Girls are to have their hair tied back with a school coloured band or 'scrunchy'. Hair being tied back is meant to assist with the prevention of headlice as well.


Students are required to minimise the wearing of jewellery. Bracelets, necklaces, etc can be a safety concern if they were to be caught on something or someone causing injury. Stud earrings are to be worn (if at all) to assist in the prevention of injury to the ear by being caught.


A ‘no hat, play in the shade’ rule is enforced and children are only to wear the school hat.

Library Bags

Every child needs a school library bag in order to borrow from the library. Library bags are available through the school office.

General Uniform Guidelines

  • Full school or sports uniform is to be worn on relevant days.
  • Uniforms and shoes should be clean and neat.
  • Shoes must be black, polishable, hard leather, lace-up, closed school shoes.
  • Students should only use the designated school backpack.
  • Hair is to be kept tidy and off the face.
  • No nail polish is to be worn.
  • Jewellery is limited to a wristwatch, sleepers or small plain studs in pierced ears.
  • The school hat is the only acceptable hat.
  • Sunglasses are permitted during recess, lunchtime and at outdoor events where extended sun exposure may be an issue, but are not permitted indoors.
  • St Matthew's Primary reserves the right to enforce these uniform guidelines and will make every effort to do so fairly and consistently. Parents and students are asked to support the school's efforts in setting a high standard of uniform dress. We aim for our uniforms to reflect respect of our students, our school and our community.